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"Invertech Canada Inc.® and Superior Adhesive Technologies® have been conducting business activities with Kerber Applied Research Inc. for several years.  Over the years Kerber Research have demonstrated that they are creative, innovative as well as extremely honest and ethical.

Invertech and Superior Adhesive are proud to be associated with Kerber Applied Research."

Guy Guimond
General Manager



"Tom has taken on several design projects when my employer lacked the resources to complete a customer commitment.

Tom thinks outside the box, and often returned with a bread-boarded solution to a design problem when he was asked to 'think about' a problem. His breadboard often showed up before other responders had written out a concept.

On more than one occasion Tom participated in conversations with our end customers without revealing that he was not an employee. He was exceptionally diligent about protecting our confidential data, and our customer relationship.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tom either professionally or personally."

Angus Elliott
Engineering Consultant


Kerber Applied Research Inc. has had many opportunities to shine in several different areas of technology.  This diversity has allowed us to grow in our practical applications which require any sort of circuit board design, and or layout.   We have listed just some of the many capabilities we have to offer from our Kerber Classics, which will show you the broad range of applications we are able to utilize and incorporate into any projects that we encounter.    All these past projects and technologies have guided us in our process for developing new prototypes for customers.  There are no boundaries for Kerber Applied Research Inc.  From the North Pole to the South Pole, Kerber Applied Research Inc. has designed products for companies all across the world.


Blue Wand

The Blue Wand is curing tool used by dentists to cure compounds for filling cavities.  We were one of the very first in the dental industry to implement this type of LED technology into practical application.  Our knowledge of LED technology has placed Kerber Applied Research Inc. on the map.  This sterile stainless steel unit is cordless for maximum efficiency.  It comes in a rechargeable base that is charged by magnetic charge as oppose to regular DC/AC based connection making it easier for the end user.  This particular product is under a patent pending process.


High Intensity LED Light for Photodynamic Therapy

Kerber Applied Research Inc. has developed and designed a high intensity LED light for use in Photodynamic Therapy.  Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a cancer treatment which uses a photosensitive drug along with light to destroy cancer cells.

Remote Well Motor Control & Camera

Avalon Research Limited contracted Kerber Applied Research Inc. to develop and design the software along with most of the hardware for this camera recording tool.  This design required very detailed and intricate circuitry in order to withstand the obstacles it would face while going down 5 km into the earth. This tool uses different functions to diagnose any problems that may be occurring deep within the oil well.  This device has been tested and proven to be able to withstand 10,000 PSI and 200 degrees Celsius.


Northern Emergency Lighting

Kerber Applied Research Inc. was contracted by Kliptec to design the software required for this emergency lighting system and locating strobe used for Scuba Divers performing rescue in the North Pole.  This is a multifunctional micro controlled flashlight designed for use in the marina field.  By simple rotation of the front head the micro processor switches between various functions allowing for different applications by the user.


Overhead Power Line Monitoring

Kerber Applied Research Inc. developed and designed this particular product and later sold the rights to Rodan Ltd.  This project involved a system that was developed to remotely monitor overhead distribution lines in cities and towns locally and abroad. It was used on 4,000 - 45,000 volt lines.  Some of the key features are the transmission of data via a 88 MHz to 108 MHz RF carrier over a short distance to a receiver and PC board that gathers and stores this information. The data is then forwarded through a modem and cellular phone to an office somewhere in the country. Not only is the data able to be received but also all programs and controls on data storage, could be remotely changed by this remote link. All information and controls can also be changed locally as well by a handheld device. The transmitter on the power line used a microprocessor and ADC IC to measure amps, volts, pf, etc. The receiver contained a microprocessor to convert received data and convert this signal into an analog signal using a DAC IC. Measured signals could also be displayed on a hand held LCD unit. Watchdog circuitry was also developed to keep the microprocessors running and operating correctly.


Road Radio Transceivers

This project was contracted to us by Shively Labs.  Kerber Applied Research Inc. developed and designed the software and hardware needed to achieve maximum results for this transceiver.  The product was designed to easily communicate updated road conditions along the highway to drivers by listening to one radio frequency from their car radio.  This would be provided by stringing low power transmitters every couple of miles along the highway, extending the full length of the highway.


Digital Transmitter in a PC Case

Kerber Applied Research Inc. has a patent pending process in place for unique design, we call KARd transmitter.  It is a digital signal processed transmitter which can be used for multiple applications.  Just for example, say you were searching for a home and you wanted to know all the information on it, (price, inside dimension, nearby schools etc.) you could tune your radio into a pre-selected radio station that would give you all that information.  This signal would only be applicable in a very small perimeter, within a range of  30 – 50 meters.   Our design uses a digital process to achieve a high end quality signal output.  It can fit right into a mother board of a computer therefore allowing you your own radio station within a box with low power transmission.


FMX Management System

This particular project was designed and implemented as a major upgrade to Crown Broadcast's FMX transmitter control.  This was a front panel upgrade to an LCD display, with password protection and monitoring controls of the transmitter.  The remote feature of this product allowed the technician to analyze any problems from any distance.  For example you could be in another country and still have access to this transmitter.


Fixed Tune Solar Powered Radios

Galcom International is a Christian missions group that sends solar powered radios all over the world to receive the message of Christ.  Kerber Applied Research Inc. developed and designed the AM/FM and short wave radio circuitry that goes into each little radio.  Each unit is equipped with batteries that are re-charged by solar energy.  Over 550,000 radios have been distributed to over 120 countries bringing many to faith in Christ.


Zenon Environmental contracted Kerber Applied Research Inc. to design a controller for their water purification system.  Their system filtered water through a patented membrane filtration technology.  Kerber Applied Research Inc. developed a microprocessor based controller, which regulated the back-washing of the “dirty water” (or unfiltered water) in a pre-programmed time sequence.  It maintained the integrity of the entire filtration system, automating the cleaning sequences required for proper operations.