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Our Capabilities

Kerber Applied Research Inc. is a research and development company known for being innovative and creative. We specialize in electronic design and development as well as creating prototypes from conceptual ideas through to finalized products. Our highly skilled team is focused on providing quality designs and service to ensure that your project is completed within a time effective and cost efficient manner.

LED Technology

LED technology has come a long way over the past few years.  Kerber Applied Research Inc. has been using LED technology for several years now.  There are many misconceptions about the abilities LED’s can perform.  Manufacturers have worked hard at making LED’s more user friendly as well as much smaller and more powerful.  There are many uses in which LED’s can replace the more commonly used incandescent light sources.  We have several patent pending applications to cover our cooling technologies which have allowed us to push LED’s to output levels not imagined before now.



LED Cooling Technologies

There are many stigmas that are attached to LED’s; more commonly is the thermal issues.   When LED’s heat up, the illumination decreases; this causes the life of the LED to be shortened significantly.   Therefore without cooling they cannot reach high intensities of light output without destroying themselves in the process.  Kerber Applied Research Inc. is able to reach those high intensity light outputs like none other on the market.   This becomes very important when trying to achieve maximum light outputs in small areas or areas where heat becomes a major obstacle.  We have developed a cooling technology which allows us to remove the heat from any type of LED in any sort of environment. 

Energy Efficient and Long Lasting

LED’s are highly energy efficient.  When you compare LED’s with regular incandescent bubs the energy saving is amazing.  If you had 8 High powered LED’s you would be using 24 watts whereas for an incandescent lamp you would draw 100 watts…the results speak for themselves.  The other benefit with LED’s is the life expectancy.  It is estimated that the life of an LED is approximately 100,000 hours.  This becomes especially beneficial for lighting in hard to reach areas. 

Other LED Benefits

LED’s are able to distribute an even light output over areas that require wide angle light output.  For narrow or more focused angles, there are LED’s on the market that provide some focusing.  When really narrow focus is required there is special optics now available to provide the same level of focusing as lasers.   This becomes a major benefit as LED’s are about 1/3 the cost of some lasers.




New Projects
Nothing is too challenging for us

  • Does your company have a project that has been put off?
  • Do you have skilled people but no time?
  • Are you in the middle of a project but have hit a road block?

For the people at KAR it’s not a problem to come in to a company, pick up a project mid stream, and carry it out to completion of a finished product. We have helped many companies over the years that find themselves in these exact types of predicaments. Our team is fully prepared and very capable of understanding your project requirements when it comes to circuit board design, development and layout. And if it’s a new design then we’d also love to help out.

Our innovative use of the newest technologies available has made us a winner in new concept design and layout. We will meet with you and discuss in detail all the functions your new product needs to display or perform. No project is too hard for us; in fact we welcome a good challenge.

Have a look at our “Kerber Classics” projects to see just how diversified we are. Our products and projects range from simple board design, to intricate engineering and development, and down to the finest detail possible.




Where to begin

Do you have an idea or a new product you want designed but don’t know where to start?

Kerber Applied Research Inc. has created many prototypes over the years. Have a look at our “Kerber Classics” which are projects that we’ve developed and designed from start to finish.

We start by helping you visualize your idea. We use a program called Solidworks which allows us to show you what your prototype will look like even before development has started. It works with 3-Dimensional shapes which gives a clear and accurate vision of how the product will turn out.

As you can well imagine, there are many steps that need to be taken to create a new quality product. That is why our team at Kerber Applied Research Inc. uses what is called the Stage Gate Process. We follow this process for all our prototype projects enabling us and our customers to have a well laid out business plan. We work through the steps and guidelines so that the project is well laid out from the start and is ultimately delivered successfully. This process has proven to be a protection formula for both our customers and ourselves to ensure that the project will be followed through with accuracy and proficiency. Every detail is documented and a scope of the project is well defined. All details are reviewed with our customers and all specifications defined before any work begins. This process makes certain the project is organized and kept under control at all times. Often we hear of customers that have worked with other prototype companies who don’t have these controls in place. Their prototype project unravels out of control and in the end they are left very unhappy and unsatisfied.

Kerber Applied Research Inc. is a leader in its industry and you can feel confident that your prototype or project will be completed on time and with expertise workmanship. At Kerber Applied Research Inc. “We Bring Your Ideas To Life”!



We keep it Confidential

We are very committed to our customers and their time restraints. We realize how important it is to get the job done in a time efficient manner. When you choose Kerber Applied Research Inc. to do a job for you we will send a representative to your company to review all your requirements in detail. There is no charge for this visit and it will give you an opportunity to discuss your plans and ask many questions. We also realize that confidentiality is a major concern so we will bring an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that we will sign with you. This agreement is in place to protect you, our customer, as well as Kerber Applied Research Inc. If you have your own NDA we will gladly sign that as well. This will then enable us to speak freely about your intimate project details and the different technologies we have to offer you.

Click here to view our NDA (non-disclosure agreement)


Let us help with Patent Applications

Do you have a concept in your mind, a prototype or product you want to keep protected?

Kerber Applied Research Inc. has years of experience in applying for Patent protection for US, Canada, and World Wide protection. We can help direct you through the process that is necessary for writing up provisional and patent pending requests.


Some of our Specialties

  • Software/Firmware development using C and assembly language
  • Embedded system designs using various micro-controllers from
    Motorolla, Microchip, TI and other
  • High speed DSP-based system designs using Black fin from Analog Devices
  • PCB circuit board layout designs using Pads, Protel, OrCAD, Hiwire and others
  • Analog and RF circuit designs
  • Mechanical drawing & drafting designs using Auto CAD and Solidworks
  • Machine shop services using CNC, lathes and others

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

We will set up a meeting to review your requirements in detail. There will be no charge for this visit and it will give you an opportunity to discuss your plans in detail and ask many questions. Prior to the meeting we will sign a Non-disclosure Agreement so both parties can be assured all conversations will be kept confidential.

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